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Clothing designs inspired by the nature of Iceland

May 23, 2016

Situated in the Mid-Atlantic ridge on top of two tectonic plates that have 30 active volcanic systems is the island we call home, Iceland. Late in August 2014, lava and gas started pouring to the surface as a volcanic eruption emerged in the Holuhraun lava field north of the Vatnajökull glacier. The eruption produced a lava field of more than 85 square kilometres, the largest in Iceland since 1783.

Picture taken by Eggert Jóhannesson.

The Inked Lava Jacket is a project made to capture the amazing scenery of the Holuhraun eruption. 

Coming soon enough. #inklaw

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The jacket features a red spray pattern on a black shell to express the bursting lava fountains. It is then finished with detailed front pockets and brushed silver-toned hardware.

This is not the first time our designs have drawn inspiration from the Icelandic nature and landscape. Earlier this year, we released the Inked Parka Jacket, influenced by the white and black surroundings of the Brúarfoss waterfall in the winter, along with Inked Long Sleeve.

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The Parka is hand painted by the designer and features a durable shell with Lana Cotta wool lining. Adjustable hoodie with black drawstrings to ensure a secure fit when faced with the elements.

The Inked Long Sleeve keeps Inklaw loyal to the longline silhouette with v-cut on the opening sides. Hand-painted to create a true Icelandic camouflage.
In the far south of Iceland is one of the most beautiful shores in world. Reynisfjara, located at Reynisdrangar is a black beach that features spectacular basalt columns resembling a rocky step pyramid. 

In the far south of Iceland is one of the most beautiful shores in world, Reynisfjara, located at Reynisdrangar. A black beach that can be extremely dangerous as unpredictable and strong waves can hit the shore at any time. Reynisfjara features a spectacular basalt columns resembling a rocky step pyramid and exactly there is where we found our latest inspiration.

lnfluenced by the incredible decorations and combinations of colours as the waves hit the rocky basalt. We present our newest designs, a Longline Hoodie paired with joggers. Soon to be released.